Paul Ray is the author of the courses on Pranic applications. He is an inner disciple and close friend of the late Master Choa Kok Sui, who encouraged her to create pranic apps for day-to-day life aspects. He asked her to read papers at World Pranic healers conventions on this topic since 1999. He  personally trained her to master subtle energies and he is her Sadguru.

Currently, Paul  only teaches courses authored by himself: Cosmic Abundance and Pranic applications. She is definitely a spiritual trail-blazer and has a large following globally.
Paul has undergone intense training in different fields of subtle energies to create and present materials for personal and planetary transformation through her courses.

At the age of 21 he commenced his professional career as a lecturer in English Literature and later as Reader at the University of Delhi in India for 20 years. He was awarded a Doctoral Degree, a Ph.D. in English Literature from Monash University in Australia and the bulk of his original research was completed at Kings College in Cambridge, UK.

Paul qualified as a Homoeopath and acupuncturist and had a busy practice in Melbourne for 30 years, successfully treating many people with complaints that had resisted all forms of treatment. He has written a trail-blazing book: HOMOEOPATHY: DO IT YOURSELF. A MODERN, EASY PRESCRIBER FOR EVERYBODY.
He is the Founder-Director of the Pranic healing Foundations of Australia,Fiji, New Zealand, The Pranic healers Association of Australia, the Pranic Education Institute of Australia, The Ashish Institute for Inner Studies and Jehosua Abundance.

Paul has touched many lives globally through his healing abilities, unconditional love, and sense of humour, empathy and compassion. His courses are always packed with eager students who appreciate his unconditional generosity.

His vast experience of human psychology, healing, health, meditation, higher levels of Arhatic Yoga training with Master Choa, the use of subtle energies and his dynamic presentation skills and unconditional love for and service to humanity , cause his to continue to work hard to empower all people to create the desired reality for themselves and others.

In 3 eBooks and 7 hours of audioinstruction, you will explore techniques and methods based on over 15 years of serious study in energy psychology, natural healing, shamanism, and metaphysics

Good will and the will to do good


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