What is Pranic Cellular Healing? Cells have consciousness, which stores all information that we receive. Most ailments are caused by trauma or negative information stored in cellular consciousness . This undermines the immune system and creates susceptibility to dis-ease at the physical, mental and emotional levels.

The pranic cellular healing protocol created and presented by Dr Hazel Wardha at the World Pranic healer’s convention in Hamburg in 2008 is now being used in many parts of the world successfully. People who also suffer from psycho-emotional as well as physical ailments have responded well to cellular healing. During the presentation Dr Wardha demonstrated the efficacy of this technique. One of the attendees volunteered to be the subject of this demonstration. The lady reported that many years ago her young child fell out of the family’s multi-storeyed apartment window and died and ever since then she suffered from guilt, grief and depression and was not able to overcome this condition. Dr Wardha applied the pranic cellular protocol and within a few minutes the lady felt that a miracle had occurred and said that she experienced the installation of a new, happier and peaceful consciousness.

Our mission and vision is to empower all individuals to take control of their lives and create the reality that they desire for themselves and our planet. Master Choa Kok Sui blessed our efforts and encouraged us to create and develop the applications of Pranic healing in day-to-day life aspects. The work of the Ashish Institute for Inner Studies is global and we licence teachers from all over the world to teach PRANIC APPLICATIONS . The latter courses are authored by Dr Hazel Wardha.

We are committed to training people in the use of subtle energy therapies for all sorts of complaints in our day to day life. We are not a cult nor do we repress the evolution of individuals to pursue their spiritual and other goals. We encourage , as our late Teacher, Master Choa did, to explore, freely, teachings from various disciplines , to reach for the stars and attain soul realisation. In his booklet, THE EXISTENCE OF GOD IS SELF EVIDENT, he mentioned that first there is soul realisation and then there is God realisation. In his book, SPIRITUAL ESSENCE OF MAN, Master Choa mentions that he was imparting knowledge at the human level and that the next levels of training would be at the planetary, solar, galactic and universal levels.

Dr Hazel feels blessed to be assigned the spiritual responsibility to take the teachings from the human to the planetary level in the course, authored and presented by her, COSMIC ABUNDANCE. This course is conducted globally and presents the highest spiritual technology for self empowerment in the current times. Please read testimonies presented in the cosmic abundance website.


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