Pranic healing is an ancient healing art and science and the ancient Vedic texts have large abstruse passages on this modality. Master Choa Kok Sui was able to modernize and simplify the techniques and validate them. His lecture-demonstration on pranic healing, at the Grand Hyatt hotel in New Delhi, was very impressive and I, Hazel Wardha, felt drawn strongly to pranic healing. As I observed his demonstrations of instant pranic healing, I recalled the words of Jesus Christ, “What I can do, you can do too. And more.”

Prana is life force, which flows through the universe and quantum physicists have confirmed this as well as the fact that Prana or Light can be transferred to those who are unwell to restore them to health and well being, without touching the person and without any oral or injectable substances. It is a non-touch and a non-toxic modality and has no side effects. Master Choa demonstrated, on stage that day, how pain could be relieved significantly with Pranic healing. Being a practitioner of energy medicine myself, I began to feel somewhat intrigued and excited by his presentation. I did not know then that one day I would be working with him closely, professionally, and be trained personally as his inner disciple and nurtured as a close personal friend!

The day after the Master Choa’s lecture, I received a 40 minute session of Pranic healing and for the first time since we lost our son, Ashish, I experienced deep peace and acceptance of his passing. I made soul contact with him and felt a surge of joy to realise that the soul is immortal and one day we would meet again. I arranged to pursue further study of Pranic healing. I felt a new purpose in my life and my grief was transmuted into service to humanity.

In May 1998 we held the first Pranic healing course in Melbourne and never looked back as we had 165 people attend the course and many of them felt the overshadowing presence of Ashish. Clearly, Ashish’s passing was intended for me, according to Master Choa, to accelerate my spiritual development and to assist others in many ways.

pranic healing
Pranic Healing
The aim of Master Choa was to create a Pranic healer in every household, particularly in those parts of the world, such as, the Philippines, where medical assistance is scarce. I uphold and am committed to fulfill Master Choa’s vision and I worked hard to introduce and spread Pranic healing in many parts of the world, using my own personal resources, with no desire for personal gain.

In June 1999 , Master Choa visited Australia for the first time as we had invited him to conduct a course in Melbourne. It was wonderful to have him as our house guest and to interact closely with him. I told him that we had been experimenting, in Melbourne, with applying the pranic energy healing techniques, very successfully, not only to the physical body but also to different sick aspects of our lives such as relationships finances, animals, home and office environments and so on. Master Choa was very impressed and he encouraged me to continue to test and validate protocols for healing problematic aspects of day-to-day life.
We teach people how to harness quantum or pranic energy and use it restore health to all aspects of our lives and lead a fulfilled, peaceful, productive and happy existence.

In November 1999, we held the first Regional Convention of Pranic healers in Melbourne and Master Choa and senior healers from all parts of the world attended. I presented the first ever paper on “Applications of Pranic healing in day to day life aspects” at this convention and Master Choa was very pleased and impressed. Thereafter, he actively encouraged me to present further research and validations , which we had accomplished in the applications of Pranic healing in day to day life at Pranic healers world conventions in Canada in 2000, Bali in 2002, Italy in 2004 . Master Choa was very pleased with the outcomes and would always acknowledge Hazel’s original contribution to the work during his global travels. In 2008 I presented a paper on “Cellular Pranic Healing” at the World convention of Pranic healers in Hamburg, Germany and this was well received as I also demonstrated and validated the protocol during the presentation. Pranic healing applications, authored by myself, are used globally now, with excellent results. It is a powerful way to make pranic healing user friendly to those who do not wish to treat only physical ailments but also disease in the following areas:

  • harmonizing relationships
  • restoration of finances
  • increasing productivity in areas of work, home gardens & farms
  • de-stress within minutes
  • pull off real estate deals re sales and rental properties
  • animals. This includes treating racing horses and hounds for competitions.
  • detox home and work environments.
  • business healing, increasing productivity and prosperity.
  • how to enhance food flavours and make your restaurant popular.
  • overcome food allergies.
  • fuel economy for petrol and diesel operated vehicles and machinery.
  • hip and tummy tuck in , without needles or surgery.
  • bust and face lifts.
  • preparing houses and business places for sale or rentals.
  • sports enhancement.
  • overcoming traffic jams.
  • Improving academic and work performance.
  • Increasing mental clarity.
  • Increasing light, peace, joy and love in our planet.
  • And much more.
  • Some of the pranic apps were used successfully by our volunteer trainees at the major call centers of AXA and RACV in Melbourne and the responses and outcomes were impressive. Pranic Healing assists people to take charge of their life situations and create and control the desired reality.


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